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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.

Managing Money

Managing Money (www.managing-money.org) is a financial literacy clearinghouse featuring Consumer Action’s award-winning multilingual educational materials, headline news on personal finance topics and recommended publications created by other organizations and government agencies. The materials focus on financial services, sound financial planning and debt management, saving for emergencies and retirement and how to avoid frauds and scams.


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CA News & Special Reports

CA News Logo Consumer Action INSIDER - June 2018 This month's INSIDER highlights the 2018 Consumer Lobby Day in Washington, DC; updates you on the latest changes to the California LifeLine discounted phone service program; gives advice on how you can use social media to complain about your customer concerns; and promotes our new Vision Action Center (which outlines the rights of consumers who purchase contact lenses and eyeglasses), among other articles. We also update readers on our latest "coalition efforts" and list the latest lawsuit settlements from our Class Action Database. (Friday, June 01, 2018)

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Five Recent Publications

Micro business: Preparing for success (Spanish)

Micro business: Preparing for success (Spanish). El abrir una pequeña empresa o microempresa puede ser la clave del éxito profesional y financiero a largo plazo. Pero dado que muchas empresas no pasan de los primeros años, convertirse en empresario no es una decisión a la ligera. Esta guía explica el proceso de planificación y lanzamiento de una microempresa, desde la estimación de costos y ganancias y la búsqueda de financiamiento hasta la identificación de requisitos legales y profesionales (seguros, teneduría de libros, asesoramiento comercial, etc.) y el comercio por Internet.

Micro Business: Preparing for success (Vietnamese)

Micro Business: Preparing for success (Vietnamese). Bắt đầu bằng một doanh thương nhỏ - hay tiểu thương- có thể là chìa khoá dẫn đến một doanh thương chuyên nghiệp lâu bền và phát đạt. Nhưng vì có nhiều doanh thương không sống nổi sau năm năm, vì thế muốn trở thành một thương nhân, quý vị cần có quyết định nghiêm túc. Bản hướng dẫn này giải thích về tiến trình hoạch định và khai trương một doanh thương nhỏ, từ ước tính phí tổn/thâu nhập và tìm nguồn tiền trợ giúp đến hiểu biết về các nhu cầu pháp lý và chuyên gia (bảo hiểm, kế toán, cố vấn thương mại, v.v.) và buôn bán trên mạng điện toán.
Starting a very small—or micro—business can be the key to long-term professional and financial success. But since many businesses do not make it past the first few years, becoming an entrepreneur is not a decision to make lightly. This guide explains the process of planning and launching a micro business, from estimating costs/earnings and finding funding to identifying legal and professional needs (insurance, bookkeeping, business advice, etc.) and doing business on the internet.

Job Training Programs Quiz

Job Training Programs Quiz. Use this game to help teach groups of learners about the pitfalls of for-profit job training programs and the advantages of other options.

Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2017 Tax Year) (Vietnamese)

Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2017 Tax Year) (Vietnamese) Low-income working taxpayers may qualify for the federal EITC. Tiền được trả về từ thuế thâu nhập EITC (The Earned Income Tax Credit) giúp những người lao động và gia đình của họ có mức thâu nhập thấp nhận thêm tiền thuế trả về khi họ khai thuế liên bang. Nội dung ấn bản này bao gồm các quy định cho mùa thuế 2017.
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low-income, working taxpayers and families get more money back when they file their federal income tax return. This publication contains EITC guidelines for the 2017 tax year.

Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2017 Tax Year) (Chinese)

Get Credit for Your Hard Work (2017 Tax Year) (Chinese) Low income working taxpayers may qualify for the Federal EITC. 工薪退稅優惠(EITC) 有助於低收入工作納稅人及家庭在申報聯邦所得稅時得到更多的退稅。本手冊包含2017年稅務年度的低收入者工薪退稅優惠(EITC)指標。
The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps low income, working taxpayers and families get more money back when they file their federal income tax forms.This publication contains EITC guidelines for the 2017 tax year.

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Recommended Publications

Friday, January 05, 2018

Mortgage loan relief for disaster victims. The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) has produced a guide to assist those helping homeowners struggling after a hurricane, flood, fire or other natural disaster.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spanish-English glossary of real estate terms. A new Spanish-English glossary of commonly used real estate terms has been released to help real estate agents and brokers make the home buying process more manageable for consumers who seek to better understand the complexities of a mortgage transaction in Spanish. The glossary offers both formal and colloquial translations of key mortgage terms.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub Cover Art 2016 Car Insurance & Credit Scores Report by WalletHub. The WalletHub study gives us information on the connection between credit scores and car insurance.

Friday, September 04, 2015

CFPB Monthly Complaint Report: Credit Reporting Issues. Complaint reports from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) focus on a different issue each month providing a snapshot of complaint trends by type, state and company, and highlight actual complaints reported by consumers.

Friday, January 23, 2015

California Lifeline carrier search tool. The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) has a multilingual tool that enables consumers to search for California LifeLine service providers.

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