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看電視知詐騙手法 機智祖母無中計

Source: Sing Tao Newspaper

(本報訊)聖荷西一名80歲祖母魯阿克(Dorothy Ruark),非常疼愛他的孫子蘭多(Landon),他的照片掛滿她的居所內。但有天收到訛稱是蘭多打來的詐騙電話,機智的她當下無上當,才無招致金錢損失。魯阿克向ABC7新聞說︰「聲音完全跟我孫子一樣,他說『祖母,我需要你幫忙…我需要你給我一些錢』。」

Read Full Article: Well informed grandma from watching TV programs - did not fall for scam (Chinese)


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