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Consumer Action's MoneyWi$e educational materials have moved to our Managing Money Project website. Here you may view, download and order bulk copies of the MoneyWi$e materials. Please make a note of the Managing Money Project address— www.managing-money.org —and add it to your address book.




  • Man scammed investors out of $147 million in sham gems. A Southern California man collected about $147 million from more than 70,000 investors around the world by promising them profits from amber and gemstones mines that didn’t actually exist and selling them worthless digital coins
  • Student loan tax garnishments: what you should know. One segment of student debtors is hurting more than the others wrapped up in the student loan crisis. Borrowers who are in default on their loans are susceptible to myriad consequences ranging from damage to
  • Get your financial files in order. Think about getting organized not for yourself but for the person who has to help find your paperwork should you become incapacitated or die. I know. No joy in that last statement. But I&rsquo
  • Carnival cruises works to manage coronavirus crisis. Carnival serves nearly 11.5 million travelers a year, or roughly 50 percent of the global cruise market. It runs some of the best-known cruise brands in the industry, including its flagship Carnival Cruise Line, the Princess
  • Your cheatin' wallet. "Financial infidelity" is described by Emily Garbinsky, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame, as “engaging in a financial behavior expected to be disapproved of by one&rsquo
  • Millennials are racking up retirement savings in Roth IRAs. Millennials are overwhelmingly putting their money into Roth IRAs, according to Fidelity. A Roth account is funded with after-tax dollars, making future withdrawals tax-free. The average balance for millennials is $32,700, up from $24,200 a year ago.
  • Tips to get the best and safest car loan. Remember that all-important FICO score. Don't just depend upon dealer financing. We surely know at least a couple of weeks in advance we're going to go car shopping. Take this time to check
  • What the T-Mobile and Sprint merger means for you. Is my phone bill going up? T-Mobile promised phone bills will remain the same for the next three years.  Will my phone still be compatible? T-Mobile has a wide coverage map, potentially improving calls
  • How to compare mortgage loan offers. Comparing loan estimates is essential in the home buying process.  First, request loan estimates from the multiple lenders you are considering. You will need the following information to begin your loan application: your name,
  • This is no way to run a central bank. Presidents are empowered to pick central bankers who share their economic views, but not to undermine the goals that Congress has set for the central bank. Just as Mr. Trump crossed a line in naming
  • Judge approves T-Mobile-Sprint merger. The deal would combine America’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers, creating a telecommunications juggernaut able to challenge AT&T and Verizon.

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